Due to the prevailing situation of the country (fuel shortage & powercuts) we are facing difficulties in completing the deliveries within the standard timelines. We kindly request you to have patience as we are working to make arrangements to fulfill delivery of orders as soon as possible.

Made with style & commitment

This Stove is elegantly designed and manufactured by master potters with technically advanced features to provide a convenient, cost-effective and healthy cooking experience with Coconut Shell Charcoal.

A True Sri Lankan Innovation

The award-winning Stove was innovated to perform all types of cooking functions with ease. Aptly named the “EZ Turbo Charcoal  Stove” the Stove provides all the user-friendly features as cooking with LPG but at a fraction of the cost. The Stove with its small form factor can be carried anywhere during trips, camping or even use in your garden. The Stove comes with a wide range of accessories to give you the ultimate cooking and BBQ experience. TRY OUT THE EZ TURBO CHARCOAL STOVE AND START YOUR CULINARY ADVENTURE, ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

Awarded a National Patent, The EZ Turbo Charcoal Stove has a host of novel features to ensure performance, durability and safety. 

Benefits of the EZ Turbo Charcoal Stove

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